Hello Queens,

I wanted to share the divine download I got over the last 24 hrs. ITS A HUGE COSMIC BLESSING!!!

The one you’ve been waiting for, trust.

The full {super}moon we just had was CRAY. Everyone was purging. Everyone had the flu. Everyone was in their feelings.

It served to remove any last toxic people and things, completed karma, worn out beliefs. Many of you are busting through major blocks to abundance and life purpose with Saturn in Capricorn. It’s go time. Less talk, more walk.

2017 was about diving deep into your true identity. Clarifying your heart’s desires. Getting REAL about what’s not working, and serious about what you really want and deserve. No more settling. No more hiding, either.

It’s time to receive! It’s time to drop your entire story up until this very moment, sending genuine gratitude to your past and all the things that led you to where you are NOW.

You have a choice here. If you stay stuck in old timelines, and mental states, you will delay your harvest. All the energy you’ve been putting out for YEARS??? The courses, the meditations, the groups, the tears, the prayers- all that is about to payoff.

Your manifestations are coming, and they’re coming in FAST. Are you ready?!?!!

B E C A U S E J U S T L A S T N I G H T….
a huge wave of NEW energy came surging in to fill the space of the things we’ve released, grounding our wishes into our physical reality.

We went from processing–feeling sick, tired, emo, introspective, angry, intuitive— to suddenly buzzing with creativity, productive, fast, strong, forward focused, inspired ideas coming in faster than we can get them on paper!!!! The shift happened within the span of 48 hrs; give or take.

So what do you do now? C E L E B R A T E and praise. yourself and God. Then get back to taking care of you, and doing what makes you happy. That’s it.

the universe and all your angels + guides are working overtime to assist you in FORGIVENESS. Release the details to them and go free.

The MIRACULOUS PART is, you will feel, sense and know that GOD is pouring a divine cleansing over you.

Look for feelings of lightness in your body. Look for a feeling of relief. Compassion towards others. Not giving a fuck about things that may have been bothering you a long time. Look for triggers to magically just dissolve. Look for a sense of peace and trust.


And keep saying THANK YOU all day long. Every chance you get.

This forgiveness frequency is the single most important key to manifesting everything you’ve ever wanted. ESP when it comes to

Your heart chakra (( healing mandala shown below)) is going to be open to giving + receiving PERFECT love.

Forgiveness = unconditional love.

Unconditional love = GOD.

And lastly, 2018 is a union year. Prepare to have your mind blown. In the best way.



by Erica Jade


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