Trinity Supermoon Gateway

Trinity Supermoon Gateway

by Morag,
Guest writer,

1.1.18 Gateway, Gemini to Leo is a repeat of the cycle we began mid November, marked by the first super full moon. The second comes at the auspicious new year, the third accompanied by a full lunar eclipse at the close of January. This trinity of supermoons are quantum coordinates opening a portal, a cosmic crossroads of timelines. Many of us were knocked clear off our cosmic surfboards by the whirlwind of negative energy triggered by the first Gemini supermoon. We reached the Leo full moon, reconnecting with our warrior instincts, culminating in the calm reflection of the Solstice. Our task this time is to stay on our cosmic surfboards, centred, balanced, grounded in love.

Super full moons illuminate a quantum world. We will be propelled through January by waves of disclosure, truth will be told. January’s blue super full moon on 31st will mark the closure of this portal to multi dimensional pathways. The conjunct lunar eclipse will soak up all the darkness released during the Gateway’s expansion, transmuting dark to light. It is up to us to walk through this portal, to face duality in ourselves as well as the outer world. To embed our energetic being in love vibrations. We come online with 5d. 2012 was the starting pistol. We left the third dimension and have been accelerating up the frequency spectrum ever since. DNA strands triggered, activating chi flow through our chakra being. Expansion of consciousness gaining momentum, mass awakening. We are cosmic surfers learning to ride waves of light vibrations in a quantum world.
The world we have known is crumbling, disintegrating. The fourth dimension has made itself known. Glitches in the matrix increase. The cabal is being exposed. Intergalactic politics are about to come knocking on our door. We will unite as global citizens to grasp and navigate the complexities of multi dimensional intergalactic relations. Technology is rearing up for another giant leap catapulting us firmly into the 21tst century and the new millennia. Poverty, disease and sickness can be eradicated. We are ready for the next stage in human evolution. We stand tall as warriors of light, we hold our space, our ground. Expect battles of light and dark to knock on our doors in the coming months. Global duality will be exposed. Cracks in our personal lives will reveal truth. We will mirror the global cosmic chaos. How we deal with our demons, our dark night of the soul. How we respond to ignorance and arrogance, to troll behaviour, locked down thinking, aggression and matrix toxins. This will determine our planetary course through the magic of manifestation.

Phase 2 of Ignite Light Warriors has begun. Our mission is to create safe space for people who need sanctuary, a sounding board, guidance through stormy cosmic seas of awakening. We do this by integrating sacred space for our personal spiritual development into our daily lives. We open our heart chakras to universal love frequency. We set boundaries of self respect and self care. We protect our energetic space, we consciously cleanse and reenergise, we realign.

December’s super full moon kickstarted the Leo warrior in all of us. New year’s Gemini super full moon once again highlights polarity, duality in the third dimension. We will see the far right stretching it’s gold tipped wings, we will hear the desperation for compassion from the left. We will see hunger and luxury side by side. We will peer into the chasm of corporate, political, military greed, the Deep State. Karma comes a’calling with Gemini. She is quick, stealthy and unwaveringly accurate. Step back, trust we have sown love, peace, abundance and protection. Dark workers will resist, in turmoil around us. Be prepared for attacks from third and fourth dimension. Take protection precautions seriously, always from a space of love. Be hyper conscious of the dial of our energetic frequency. We control that dial, no-one else.

Glitches will increase with puppet politicians, talking heads, celebrities and athletes malfunctioning in higher vibrational fields of light. As the planet’s atmosphere is blasted by high voltage light waves, the matrix low frequency operations are disrupted, knocked offline. Activity in the sky will become widely known, accepted and talked about. Governments risk compromising their powerful position by not acknowledging what so many now capture and share freely online. With each new thread revealed we begin to see the pattern. We begin to comprehend how they have weaved us into the fabric of their hologram of control. How our lives, our thoughts, our energetic pulses have been synthetically sabotaged, maligned and modified. Tracking devices will cease to work as we each raise our vibrations. Ufo/cabal military activity will become more desperate as the veils lift.

We are prepared to step through the super full moon 1.1.18 Gateway to higher dimensional consciousness. Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, timelines of unified consciousness are being offered to all. Our chance to reset our frequency. To take control of our destiny, break free from the machine. 111 is a number of accelerated manifestation, be conscious of your energy and take steps to reenergise, realign and balance. 8 is the number of ascended beings of 7th, 8th, 9th dimensions and above. Of higher self and the timelines for our highest vibrational existence. 1.1.18 Gateway signifies the divine tipping point, it is a cosmic portal. We can walk through by choosing self care over algorithms of self hate. By relinquishing competition and envy, by turning inwards, embracing gratitude. We step off the relentless treadmill of the rat race through mindfulness. We create sacred space for spiritual nourishment and growth. We will find soul tribe in 2018 as we each step out from the shadows acknowledging and enjoying enlightened consciousness together.
1.1.18 super full moon offers choice, opportunity and wisdom. It will not be as we expect but it will be as it should be. This is universal karmic reset. We are riding Gaia’s ascension to freedom. We re-enter Gemini duality followed by Leo warrior strength. We will be tested again. What have we learnt? We can’t exist in bubbles of high frequency light all the time. We can’t always lockdown, avoid or retreat when people create disruption, negativity or conflict. We will be exposed to polarity, to troll behaviour. We will be incredulous at ignorance and greed. We cannot shun these truths, block out darkness, we are here to transmute negative to positive. To deep clean the energetic atmosphere around us. We have been given a quantum toolkit to consciously realign, reenergise, protect and nourish our mind body spirit being. We are stepping into our power. January’s second blue super full moon with full lunar eclipse will be transmutation and activation. We will ignite Leo’s fearless strength. The warrior part of light warrior is about to come into play. Warriors of Gaia, warriors of light we stand together in love frequency.

Unity Consciousness has begun.

We are alchemists.

We are creators.

We are healers.

Stay in gratitude, be present and believe peace is possible.



About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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Hello Queens,

I wanted to share the divine download I got over the last 24 hrs. ITS A HUGE COSMIC BLESSING!!!

The one you’ve been waiting for, trust.

The full {super}moon we just had was CRAY. Everyone was purging. Everyone had the flu. Everyone was in their feelings.

It served to remove any last toxic people and things, completed karma, worn out beliefs. Many of you are busting through major blocks to abundance and life purpose with Saturn in Capricorn. It’s go time. Less talk, more walk.

2017 was about diving deep into your true identity. Clarifying your heart’s desires. Getting REAL about what’s not working, and serious about what you really want and deserve. No more settling. No more hiding, either.

It’s time to receive! It’s time to drop your entire story up until this very moment, sending genuine gratitude to your past and all the things that led you to where you are NOW.

You have a choice here. If you stay stuck in old timelines, and mental states, you will delay your harvest. All the energy you’ve been putting out for YEARS??? The courses, the meditations, the groups, the tears, the prayers- all that is about to payoff.

Your manifestations are coming, and they’re coming in FAST. Are you ready?!?!!

B E C A U S E J U S T L A S T N I G H T….
a huge wave of NEW energy came surging in to fill the space of the things we’ve released, grounding our wishes into our physical reality.

We went from processing–feeling sick, tired, emo, introspective, angry, intuitive— to suddenly buzzing with creativity, productive, fast, strong, forward focused, inspired ideas coming in faster than we can get them on paper!!!! The shift happened within the span of 48 hrs; give or take.

So what do you do now? C E L E B R A T E and praise. yourself and God. Then get back to taking care of you, and doing what makes you happy. That’s it.

the universe and all your angels + guides are working overtime to assist you in FORGIVENESS. Release the details to them and go free.

The MIRACULOUS PART is, you will feel, sense and know that GOD is pouring a divine cleansing over you.

Look for feelings of lightness in your body. Look for a feeling of relief. Compassion towards others. Not giving a fuck about things that may have been bothering you a long time. Look for triggers to magically just dissolve. Look for a sense of peace and trust.


And keep saying THANK YOU all day long. Every chance you get.

This forgiveness frequency is the single most important key to manifesting everything you’ve ever wanted. ESP when it comes to

Your heart chakra (( healing mandala shown below)) is going to be open to giving + receiving PERFECT love.

Forgiveness = unconditional love.

Unconditional love = GOD.

And lastly, 2018 is a union year. Prepare to have your mind blown. In the best way.



by Erica Jade


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