Become Jesus!


Become Jesus! This is just the light to catch your attention. It either pissed you off or intrigued you. So now I have your attention lets discus what Jesus IS. Jesus is a state of being, or a way of life. Its your consciousness, your connection to creation. Now to truly understand what I’m saying and to read further you will need to leave you belief system here and open your heart to a connection each and every entity holds.

Jesus was the example. The example on how to address your experiences in life. Everyone has the power of Jesus. Jesus was just a man with the complete connection with creative force, or God you could say. To understand that, you need to understand God, Creative force or Spirit. God is I Am. God is not some bearded guy in the sky with a magnifying glass. God also doesn’t control everything thanks to free will. God is everything and everywhere. Lookin for God Is like a fish looking for water. I like the term creative force because has the explanation in the name, it resonates better with the modern generation. Even the old name says the same because God is I Am. God is your consciousness or your connection. God is everything surrounding you now. God is the natural pattern in nature. God is the consciousness that has and is experiencing everything that is, has, was, and will be. So now you realize God is not a person but in essence is you, your consciousness. Then you can connect that the Life of Jesus is the pure connection with you consciousness “God” and that is why it’s called Christ consciousness.

So how do I start to become Jesus? It’s simple to start but its a rough journey. To start, you need the want to connect with conciseness. This is a personal journey within. I told you God wasn’t a man in the sky, God is your connection to EVERYTHING. To begin your connection you have to look inside, not in the sky there is no outer approach, no special prayer, dance, or ritual. It is simply the will to connect with the creative force. Look at it like the ocean, if you could pour out the entire ocean into a big glass drop by drop. Each drop represents every soul but all the drops together is the ocean. Therefore every soul is God and God is the experience of all souls.

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