The world needs connection. Everything you see is connected. Everything you see you manifested yourself. Your focus is your outcome. If you focus on happiness and prosperity the universe will give you this, If you concentrate your thoughts on fear or failure you are inevitably telling to universe to manifest exactly that. Earth is your mother you have a connection to her, you thrive from her nurturing. The universe is our father as we are all made of star dust. Therefore we are connected to the earth and the universe the same. The universe carries a pulse which is the same pulse you carry in your heart every day. We are the universe experiencing itself. The human race is a very powerful race of beings. We possess so many abilities that we cont even comprehend. Every day is war on your mind. The old world is constantly forcing selfishness, materialism, capitalism, ego, & all kinds of negative influences. Deep within you all hear the voice, the connection that’s telling you this is wrong. Ownership and possession are mere projections of fear. Fear of lose. The thing is you can’t lose anything you don’t believe you own. Man does fumy things like draw imaginary lines to separate ourselves from each other. We own this and we own that all for possession & retention. I own this land its mine, the line starts here don’t cross it. I pay for this and it will be mine forever. Reality is the world belongs to us all. Everyone deserves to be healthy and free. Mother earth has more than enough to sustain life for all man kind. Its this ownership / possessiveness that perpetuates this idea of scarcity, Its still fear. The fear that there not enough food for everyone, or not enough space for people to live. The mind frame man has been in for the past thousands of years has been survival. Now after the start of the golden age man is starting to realize that we posses the power to sustain all the basic necessity for all mankind for the betterment of humanity. There is no reason for children to starve. There is no reason we should be killing our fellow brothers for ownership of basic resources our mother earth and father universe have given us. Honor thy mother & father. Honor mother earth and all she bestows upon us. Honor the father universe that guides us the path of our everyday life. Build your relations ship with your mother earth and father universe. You all posses the connection with them both, Your father is always talking to you telling you what you should do or shouldn’t do. Its your consciousness, also know as universal consciousness. All experiences of life is this universal consciousness. All experiences of life is this universal consciousness. Its one of the connections we all posses. You also posses a connection with mother earth. Try building your relation ship with your mother and father. Kick your shoes off and walk out in the grass early on a nice spring or summer morning. Venture out when the sun is rising. Sit and listen to mother nature talking to you. You hear the birds, your feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the rustle of leaves on the trees from the wind. Then connect with your universal consciousness. As your sitting with your mother travel within. Think about the abundance of life all around. Feel your inner connection to the birds and the earth. Talk with your father about your life. Talk about how your grateful for what you have. Talk about your dreams and you aspirations in life. In the action of doing this you are creating and manifesting your wishes to the universe and in return will receive what you have perceived. Plain and simple was once said “Perceive, Believe, and Achieve”. The laws of life are simple. Love everything because we are all connected. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and the positive will manifest in your reality, You are the god of your own universe. You possess the same creative force of god within. Many religions teach to look without. Somewhere along the way the messages was lost to keep us in the dark. All religions promote the one base principal and its love. Love is the answer to all problems no matter how big or small. When you face your problems with love in the forefront of the mind then you will see it’s not a problem at all. I love you all!

By: Nicholas Causby

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